Woodland Portal Necklace (2)

Woodland Portal Necklace (2)

Portals into the unknown, where lush woodland floors and vibrant canopies await you. A realm, hand sculpted with love and touches of golden fairy dust. This piece was sculpted around a piece of Agate. This clay creation will also come on an adjustable, cotton cord.


"Agate is known as the stone of strength. It is a powerful crystal that welcomes courage and inspires a fierce expression of the bravery within. Agate gemstones are said to have protective energy, guarding you from negative and hateful energy. It is a soothing crystal, bringing forth peace and harmony." 

  • If you treat your clay creations with love, they will be here for many moons to come. To serve you, share love  with you and to inspire your spirit.   

    Be gentle, and limit direct contact with water.