Made To Order Hair Wraps

Made To Order Hair Wraps

Hair Wraps have finally returned, we hope this is a happy middle ground to both our premade and custom wrap creations. 


How to install Hair Wraps:

  1. Choose where you would like your hairwrap to hang from and separate a small section of hair.
  2. Separate this piece of hair into THREE sections.
  3. Take the loop of your hairwrap and place it over one of the three strands of hair.
  4. Braid/Plait! That is it. The braid will hold your hair wrap in place.
  5. Tie off using a small hair elastic and you are ready to go.


Please ensure you select the correct sizing for what you are looking for! If you require a custo size, reach out to us via The Contact Page.


These pieces are made to order, so when you place your order, I begin creating. Please note, made to order pieces may take an additional 3 - 5 business days to be processed. 

    • These pieces are made to order. Please expect an additional 3 - 5 business days for your creations to arrive to you. 
    • No two pieces will be the same, please be mindful that these creations are all one ofs!
    • If you don't tell me what you'd like to see in your piece, I can't create it for you. I would love to hear your ideas, don't be shy!