Kyanite and Quartz Protector Necklace

Kyanite and Quartz Protector Necklace

Mushrooms and a few of my favourite gemstones, powerful Clear Quartz and Kyanite. Inspired by forests, woodlands and mossy undergrowths. This copper and gold pendant, will come on an adjustabe cotton cord necklace.


"The Clear Quartz, a master healing crystal. Known to welcome positive energy and clear away negative, harmful intentions. This gemstone is cleansing, said to encourage clarity and thought."


"Kyanite, crystal that promotes looking within. Kyanite is said to not retain negative energy, meaning it does not require cleansing. This stone helps to align both body and spirit, bringing forth balance."

  • Treat this necklace gently and with love, it was not created to withstand drops from a far hieght or tapping. Please avoid excess contact with water.