Golden Stick and Cone Incense Burner (3)

Golden Stick and Cone Incense Burner (3)

Creating this collection was alot of fun. I am very grateful so many of you wanted to see incense burners return! 


This piece was sculpted with Agate and Aventurine Crystals, brushed with copper, gold and bronze. 


I created these pieces with the intention of holding space within the areas you find sacred. Your home, your alter, your favourite gatherings. I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I do.


"Aventurine, known to welcome wisdom and knowledge. It is said to manifest luck and positive energy, it is also a healing stone." 


"Agate, for strength, harmony and peace. A powerful stone for protection and heart."

    • To clean, please wipe softly with a damp, warm cloth.
    • Please be mindful that cone incense may leave a small ring.