Crystal and Clay Wall Hanging

Crystal and Clay Wall Hanging

Clay creations for all of the surfaces in your home. This piece was hand sculpted with Carnelian and Aventurine gemstones. Adorned with cotton thread, vegan friendly faux yarn, materials and wooden beading.


"Carnelian, a crystal for the creatives, makers and artists. Known to welcome inspiring, thoughtful ideas. Carnelian is also known for its warm, inviting energy. Said to bring forth bravery and strength."


"Aventurine, a gemstone to inspire and bring forth strength. This crystal is known to share wisdom and to welcome knowlege."


Please note: The threading on this piece is yellow, white, orange, red and brown. 

  • Please ensure you hang this piece on a safe, sturdy hook as it should be treated gently and with care. Please avoid contact with water. 

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$30.00Sale Price