About Us

My name is Moon and I am so grateful to have you here exploring my creations. Thank you.


I am an artist based in Queensland, Australia. I run this space with the help of my love, Jadan, when he can spare it. Euphoric Spirit Designs is our heart space of art, creation and magic. It is a love child of big dreams and a desire to connect with likeminded, creative people.


From our home amongst the trees, we weave, sculpt and handcraft all of the pieces, jewels and homewares you see here. Treasures from our minds, to your eyes. 

Euphoric Spirit Designs focuses on conscious, ethical and functional artworks. We love exploring every medium and art form we can discover, so you will encounter a little bit of everything along your journey with us.

We hope our work resonates with you, or brings a little joy to your day. My favourite part of creating, is the ability to share it all with you. It is such an exciting and heart warming feeling to be surrounded by such a powerful community. 

Thank you, for exploring our space. We hope you will join us on the adventure.